About Us

An Organic Hair Care Line That Proves Healthy Hair Begins with a Healthy Product


It’s true. Not all healthy hair starts at the root, nor the scalp. Many times healthy hair can stem from the products themselves.

How do we know?


Our products and company were founded by an Instructor - Registered Cosmetologist who has always had a love for healthy hair since grade-school. She has witnessed the transformation of women, men, and children taking back pride in their natural kinks and curls. But, using products that were heavy in chemicals and toxins also caused them to take away their hair health.


Therefore, she wanted to provide a product that gives people of all colors and hair textures the best of both worlds - confidence in their hair and confidence in its health. We, too, can have long, thriving kinks and coils. We deserve to have moisturized scalps free of itchiness and dryness.


And rather than looking to store shelves to find the perfect hair product, she looked within herself.


Her experience taught her that the very things needed to improve hair health did not and could not come from a factory. Our hair needed vital nutrients and essential oils that can only be provided by Earth. Simply put, our natural hair requires non-toxic products.

This is Mane Esteem.

Our haircare line was carefully formulated with an intense focus on quality organic ingredients. Every blend is plant-based and cruelty-free. Every ingredient is high in antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins A through Z.


Because of that, we have proven, once again, healthy hair can start from a healthy product. More specifically, a Mane Esteem product. It is evident in the essence of our strands and the confidence in our stride. 


And we want you to experience the same.